Official Nokia BL-5C Battery For C101 C2-01 7600 N70 1100 1600 2300 6230 Asha 203 208
Official Nokia BL-5C Refurbished Battery
Nokia BL-5C Battery For C101 C2-01 7600 N70 1100 1600 2300 6230 Asha 203 208

Official Nokia BL-5C Refurbished Battery For C101 C2-01 7600 N70 1100 1600 2300 6230 Asha 203 208

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Refurbished Genuine Nokia BL-5C Battery 1020mAh 3.7v 3.8Wh
Knowing you are purchasing an original battery gives you that ease of mind knowing you are getting a battery that was designed especially for that phone. This Nokia BL-5C is great as a replacement, a spare or if you’re going on that business trip and need to ensure you receive that important call.
You should never have a limit to the fun you can have with your phone or experience a moment where you can only watch part of a movie, start a game but not able to finish it or read half of a story as the BL-5C will ensure your phone has the life needed for this.
The Nokia battery provides hours of enjoyment with your phone and leaves you feeling like there was never an issue with your phone.
Nokia Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
BL-5C Battery 1020mAh 3.7v 3.8Wh
For Nokia Asha 203 208 215 220 C1-01 C2-01 C1-02 1100 1600 2300 6230 N70
Please allow 16 hours for the initial charge to get full use out of the battery
You can replace your old battery with Nokia BL-5C if the older one is damaged or not working properly or you can even keep a spare battery with you if you are going on a business trip and can't risk missing any important calls due to a dead battery or no charging.
Suppose you are watching your favorite movie or are playing your favorite game but your phone runs out of power and your fun gets spoiled or you cannot complete your favorite book due to low battery how would you feel? Disappointed right? But Nokia BL-5C makes sure that you never face such a situation with its prolonged battery timing.
You can have unlimited fun by using this battery and if your old battery was giving you trouble then you will forget about all the previous troubles that you faced by using it.
What comes in the package
1 Nokia BL-5C battery wrapped in poly bag packaging
How to Use it?
The battery will be charged when you receive it, use it, and charge it again but keep on charging it for 1-2 hours even after it is fully charged.
Repeat the same process 3 times after you have received your battery and after that use it and charge it as you normally do.
The capacity might be low at first usage due to being non-operational for a long time but it will get its original capacity back after being charged 3-4 times.
Always use a compatible charger because using a low-power charger can damage your battery.
Don't charge your phone for too long.
Don't change the battery's structure by disassembling it.
The suitable temperature for your battery is 20°C-25°C.

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