Apple Air Pods 3rd Generation VS Apple Air Pods Pro

Earphones were introduced to listen to music and receive calls which eliminated the need to carry your phone or tablet in your hand all the time. But in that case, there was a wire connected to your phone all the time which meant your phone should be at limited distance to use earphones. But later on, airpods were introduced which are wireless and are more easier to use.

By airpods, you can listen to music and receive calls easily as it has volume buttons on it and a center button is also available to attend or end the calls. You need to put your airpods in their case and charge them with a charger and they have a good battery timing as well. Once they run out of power, they are dead just like your cell phones and you need to charge them again. But now, apple company is providing varieties of airpods with distinguishing features and people are leaning over them due to their amazing quality and features.

Apple airpods can be used on iPhone, tablets or even mac books as well. Another amazing feature which apple airpods offer is that you can even connect them with devices other than the Apple ones like your smart TV or other tablets or phones. The latest airpods introduced  by IPhone are Apple air pods 3rd generation which are almost similar to apple airpods pro with a few additional features.

Apple Airpods 3rd generation vs Apple Airpods Pro

Apple has introduced three types of airpods in the market which are:

  • Apple airpods 2nd generation
  • Apple airpods pro
  • Apple airpods 3rd generation

Now we will see few differences which both the airpods have from each other:

  1. Pricing

The latest ones are 3rd generation airpods which will cost you $102. But airpods pro are a bit expensive then the former ones as they will cost you $184.

  1. Noise Cancellation

But if we talk about the quality, then airpods pro are still the best ones due to the feature of noise cancellation. These airpods provide more clear sound to the users then the 3rd generation airpods. But 3rd generation airpods also give good quality sound with improved bass system and are better than the Apple airpods 2nd generation.

  1. Battery Timing

But the battery timing of Apple airpods 3rd generation is more than that of Apple airpods pro. Because if we talk about listening time then they last for 6 hours per charge while the second ones last for only 4.5 hours. And if we talk about talk time then airpods pro last for 3.5 hours and 3rd generation airpods last for 4 hours.

  1. Transparency Mode

The transparency mode of apple airpods pro is more than that of apple airpods 3rd generation which means it gives you better and transparent sound quality.

  1. Sensors

Now if we talk about the built-in sensors in both Apple airpods types then the pro ones have dual optical sensors while the 3rd generation ones have skin sensors.

  1. Appearance

There is a slight difference in appearance of both types of Apple airpods which are the height of pro ones is 30.99 mm while the others have 30.79mm height. The width of former ones is 21.8 mm and the latter has 18.26mm width. Depth of Apple airpods pro is 24 mm while 3rd generation airpods have 19.21 mm depth. Pro ones weigh 5.4 grams and 3rd generation airpods weigh 4.28 grams.