Can we use an Android Charger to charge an iPhone?

As we all know that most people are using iPhones due to their promising features and amazing quality. Sometimes you forget your iPhone charger at home and your friend has an Android charger during travel. So in such a situation, the first question that comes to your mind is whether this Android charger can charge your iPhone or not.

Most people have this question mainly because the latest models of iPhones don't have chargers in their boxes. There might be some ways which you can use an Android charger for your iPhones but it is always better to use the original chargers for your phones because using a fake charger or charger from another brand can affect the battery of your phone.

Can an Android charger be used for charging your iPhone?

The main thing that you should keep in mind while checking the compatibility of your phone with any charger is its port. All Apple devices possess a specific port that is not found in any other devices. So if you have your iPhone's cable with you then you can use the adapter of any Android charger.

Now if we talk about Apple chargers then they have USB-C or USB-A connectors at one end and the end that is inserted in your phone comes with a lightning connector. While none of the Android devices come with lightning connectors so it is quite clear that an iPhone cannot be charged with Android chargers.

Can I use an Android phone to charge my iPhone?

Yes, if you are having an iPhone lightning cable with you then you can simply connect it to an Android power adapter with having USB-A or USB-C port to charge your iPhone. 

So it is clear from the above discussion that you can use an Android charger to charge your iPhone but there is an exception. Only the same adapter can be used to charge both devices but both devices will need different cables.

How to charge your iPhone properly?

If you are concerned about charging your iPhone properly and don't want to risk your device's battery life and are afraid of having other issues with your phone then you should always opt for Apple's certified and official adapters and chargers. A little money will be spent on doing so but you will be saved from buying a new phone after the former one gets damaged by using non-compatible chargers.

As we all know the older models of iPhones came with USB-A ports and the latest ones have USB-C ports so you can buy the cable accordingly depending on which iPhone model you have. You need a power adapter of 5W for a USB-A cable while a USB-C power adapter is 20W.

Can I charge my older iPhone with a USB-C cable?

Yes, you can change the older models of the iPhone with a USB-C lightning cable and adapter because all iPhones come up with Lightning ports so you can use either a USB-C lightning cable or USB-A Lightning Cable and adapters of both types to charge it. So if you already have a charging cable and adapter then there is no need to buy a new charger to charge your old iPhone model.

So you should not think of saving money if it comes with risks of damage to your phone's battery or any other technical issues. Besides this, always check whether the website from which you are buying accessories for your phone is reliable or not.