How to ensure that headphones last as long as possible

People are more biased towards wireless earphones such as JBL wireless headphones because they are more convenient to use. You can listen to high quality music and can attend your calls easily without carrying your phone in your hands everywhere. If we talk about the best devices for quality music, then JBL Bluetooth speakers are one of them because they provide you with the best sound quality.

But the main concern is how long earphones can last as we spend a handsome amount of money to buy them and we expect them to be long-lasting depending upon their price. Usually the earphones can last from 3 months to 10 years depending upon how much you take care of them. But the case will be different if they fall off and get damaged.

Few tips to keep your earphones safe

Here are few tips that you can follow to keep your earphones safe and increase their durability.

  1. Take right care of the battery

Battery is one of the most essential aspects that decides the life of your earphones. The modern batteries contain Lithium-ion cells which are expected to long for about 2-3 years. But you can extend their life if your treat the battery rightly. You should never place your earphones in their case if their battery is more than 40%. It might be risky to keep them out of their case but this will certainly increase their life.

  1. Clean your earphones regularly

Our ears contain wax, dirt, humidity or debris of different kinds which may get stuck on our earphones. This not only affects the safety of your earphones but your sound quality may also gets effected. So cleaning parts of your earphone that come in direct contact with your ears is very important. But the schedule of cleaning varies depending upon the location where you are using them. For example, a person who sweats a lot should clear his earphones after every use.

  1. Keep your earphones with care

In addition to this, you should always take care of your earphones while using them. If they are wired headphones, then always try to keep them detangled and don’t touch them on their cord as this might disturb their connection with the wire. If they are wireless, try to protect them from falling on the floor or spilling anything on them. You should choose waterproof earphones so there is no need to worry about them getting wet. You should also keep the volume moderate to avoid any damage of the speakers as well.

  1. Store your earphones properly

Some earphones like JBL wireless headphones come with their storage cases which are different from the charging cases. So if you have a storage case then it is wise to keep your headphones in it rather then keeping them directly in your pocket or charging case. But never put moist earphones in any case as it can damage them. If your earphones don’t have storage case, then get a drawstring pouch and keep them into it to keep them safe.

  1. Replace accessories after regular intervals

Some earphones also come with replaceable ear pads, cups and tips and you can replace them whenever you see any damage in the older ones. You can replace the wire of your wired earphones if they come with extra wires. You can also replace silicon tips with foam tips for better grip of your earphones.

  1. Don’t let others use your earphones

You are the only one who knows the worth of the stuff that you have paid for. So never let others use your earphones as there is no surety whether they will keep them with that much care as you do.

If you follow these tips then this may increase the life of your earphones. Apart from this, one-time investment is also very important. So always go for quality products such as JBL headphones and JBL Bluetooth speakers.  They might be a bit expensive but the quality of the products is assured.