Why Apple iPhone charger is so expensive?

Apple Inc. is one of the top known companies for making high quality hardware and software products including iPods, laptops, watches, and mobile devices. Apple’s products are usually expensive for most users but they are worth buying because Apple never compromises the quality of its products. Apple Inc.'s main motive is to facilitate its users with the most updated versions of their products and the features included in their products.

Quality of Apple Products

Innovation and quality is their main motto which has helped them to reach heights of success. Most people are very much concerned about the high pricing of their products. And they sometimes end up buying cheaper products which are of no use. For example, if we take into account, a single charger of Apple’s devices then it costs you around $30 which seems a lot to most of us.

The majority of us are not comfortable paying that much money for only a 2 meter wire. So some of us try to find alternate ways by purchasing fake chargers labeled as iPhone ones. But such users always end up being scammed. Most of such chargers are already dead upon their arrival while some even don’t connect to your devices. So it's always advised to don’t to waste your money on these fake products.

IPhone Charger Features

The biggest question which is asked by millions of people is why apple iPhone charger is so expensive. So here we will explain why the charger costs you so much. We will also explain the difference between the built-in features of a regular and an Apple charger which will help you understand why a long time investment is better than time to time investment of no use. A regular charger may look similar to that of an iPhone charger but they are completely different regarding their wiring, working and internal design

Regardless of the prices, Apple’s products are the most sold products due to their amazing quality. People rely on Apple's products because of their durability and they understand that quality products may cost higher but they are always worth investing in. So, spending a bit more once is preferable to spending on cheaper products again and again.

A good charger is as important as having a good device. If you have an expensive mobile but the charger is not good enough to charge it completely, then your phone will be wasted as well. So we recommend you to always buy an original charger from verified resources for good performance of charger as well as your phone. You should always look for a good charger that is safe for your device and gives you the best and most efficient performance.

Apple iPhone charger type C

Type C is a newly launched charger that is being applied on both Android and iPhone devices. Type C chargers are more faster and efficient than the older type-A chargers. Apple iPhone charger type C has an oval shape which comes with a thin wire of 2m. These chargers are very fast in action but there are certain limitations regarding these apple iPhone type C chargers.

You cannot transfer any video using their cable and data transfer is also limited to 40Mbps.  Apart from this, a single charger can be used to charge multiple devices such as iPods, iPhones, or Mac. The company was against the conversion of USB-C chargers as they were concerned about the huge electronic waste. But later on, in 2020, the company was strictly advised to go for USB-C chargers only.  So now, all Apple products come up with type C chargers only.

Which charger can be used for Apple iPods?

An Apple iPod charger is similar to that of an iPhone charger. iPod chargers are lightning USB-C chargers that are designed to charge all types of Apple devices. You can even transfer data using this charger’s cable whether on iPod, iPhone or Mac. Apple has kept the voltage the same for all its chargers so an iPhone charger can also be used as an Apple iPod charger and vice versa. This feature helps you at times when one of your chargers gets misplaced and you can use the charger of another Apple device.