Official Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Mini Car Adaptive Fast Charger Black - fonehaus
Official Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Mini Car Adaptive Fast Charger Black - fonehaus

Official Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Mini Car Adaptive Fast Charger Black

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Samsung Adaptive in car fast charger

It is an amazing accessory that can replace your old car charger with its high-quality features and in-built original USB-C S9 charging cable. This charger is officially designed to charge your Samsung S9 phone and provides you with rapid charging. It comes with an adapter and a cable that fits perfectly to the port of your Samsung S9 or S9 pro.

The is the perfect accessory to help charge your phone in the most efficient way when you're driving.

Suppose you have an appointment or a meeting and you need to be there on time but your phone is dead. What will you do now? Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Mini Car Adaptive Charger is the solution to your problem as you can charge your phone easily on your way to your destination. This charger can charge your phone efficiently and can give your phone a speed of 2.0 which is higher than the normal chargers with a speed of 1 amp.

Compatible with:

Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy A6s 2018, Galaxy A3 A320F 2017, Galaxy A5 A520F 2017, Galaxy Tab A 10.5 SMT-590 2018, Galaxy A9 A920F 2018, Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 SMT-830 2018, Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 SM-T820 2017, Galaxy A7 A720F 2017, Galaxy C9 Pro 2016, Galaxy C10,Galaxy A8 A530F 2018, Galaxy A8s 2018 , Galaxy M20 2019, Galaxy A8+ A730F 2017, Galaxy Tab Active 2 2017,Galaxy C7 Pro 2017, Galaxy C5 Pro 2017, Galaxy Note 7 N930 2016,Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, all USB-C compatible devices


  • It is designed specifically so that you can carry it around anywhere with you.  Its design is compact and can easily fit in your travel bags or even pockets.
  • You can connect its cable to any other devices like laptops, tablets, or PC to charge your phones and you can also transfer data by using its cable.
  • It offers high-speed charging and can charge your Samsung S9 up to 50% within 30 minutes.
  • It offers safe charging because it is officially designed to charge your Samsung S9/ S9 pro.
  • You can use your phone by making calls, checking your messages, and browsing on the internet as this charger powers up your phone while charging it.
  • It does not heat your phone while charging it.
  • This charger automatically stops the power supply once your phone is fully charged.
  • You can use high-power-consuming apps like GPS and others while charging your phone with this charger. Most car chargers do not support high power-consuming apps when the battery of your phone is low.
  • This charger only starts consuming power when your phone is connected otherwise it remains in the power-off mode.

Is it safe to charge your phone with a car charger?

Now the next question that comes to mind is whether your device will get affected by charging it from a car charger or whether is it a safe way to charge your phone. The answer to this question is that you can charge your phone with a car charger if you are badly in need of it. But charging your phone with a car charger frequently is not a good idea because it can damage the USB port of your car and can even affect your car's battery if you are using an old model of the car.

How many Watts is a Samsung Car Charger?

There are two types of ports available on a Samsung Charger: the USB Type-A is 15W and USB Type-C provides you the power of 24W. So you can get a total of 60W power through Samsung S9 Mini Car Adaptive  Fast Charger.

What's in the box

  •  USB to Type-C cable
  • Mini Car Adaptive Charger in Black color

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