Official Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

Official Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable - USB - 1m (Refurbished)

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Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

Magnetic charging cables are always best for your accessories and phones because they don't require any precision to get connected to your devices and they also provide faster charging than those of type-C and wireless chargers. Besides this, magnetic charging cables are relatively less costly and they do not damage the ports of your Apple Watch or phones, unlike other chargers.


  • It provides effort-free charging as there is no precise attachment required.
  • All Models of Apple Watches can be charged through it.
  • High-speed charging.
  • It will automatically get connected once you hold it closer to the back of your Apple Watch.

What's in the box?

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable


  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 1
  • Apple Watch SE 
  • Apple Watch 1st generation
  • AirPods Pro(2nd generation)

    The new models of Apple Watches can only be charged by using a magnetic charger so you must buy one if you are thinking of buying the latest model of Apple Watch. Only Magnetic Charging Dock or Magnetic Charging Cable can be used to charge them. Besides these charging cables, Apple Watches can also be charged by using a MagSafe charger so if you own a MagSafe charger then you can easily charge any model of your Apple Watch with it due to its compatibility with Apple Watches, Qi-certified devices, iPhone, and AirPods with wireless charging case.

    Do magnetic chargers provide faster charging?

    The fastest way of charging any of your devices is through a lightning-to USB-C cable but this does not mean that a magnetic charger is not capable of faster charging. You can get the power of 7.5W through a magnetic charger.

    How to charge your Apple Watch without a charger?

    There are four ways to charge your Apple Watch if you are not having its charger.

    • USB charger can be used to charge it.
    • You can also use an iPhone charger to do so.
    • A battery pack can also be used for this purpose.
    • You can also use the hidden port on your Apple Watch to charge it without a charger.

    The Apple Watches have a smart design with a lot of features and they are so attractive and useful that everyone wants to own them and wear them all day long. The battery of Apple Watches is designed to be long-lasting so that you don't need to charge them again and again. Their battery can last up to 18 hours after one complete charge. There is also no hard and fast rule on when to charge your Apple Watch. You can charge them as many times as you want and it will not cause any harm to the battery.

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