Official Huawei P30 Pro UK White Supercharge Type C Mains Charger
Official Huawei P30 Pro UK White Supercharge
Huawei P30 Pro UK White Supercharge
Official Huawei P30 Pro UK White Charger

Official Huawei P30 Pro UK White Supercharge Type C Mains Charger Or 5A Type C USB Cable

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Genuine Huawei Supercharge Mains Wall Charger + Type C Usb Cable

An original Huawei Supercharger for your phone, perfect for charging your phone at work or as a replacement. Simply plug in and charge, works in conjunction with the battery of your phone to automatically stop charging once the battery is full. It's perfect for keeping your battery topped up!

Input: 100-240v 50-60Hz 1.2A

Output: 5.0v~2A Or 4.5V~2A Or 5v~4.5A Max

The type C USB Cable not only allows you to charge your phone but you can also use it to transfer your data from your laptop or computer to your phone. So this makes synchronization and charging of your device much easier than before and you can transfer music, pictures, and much more by connecting one side of this cable to your PC and the other one to your phone.

Another fantastic feature of this cable is that it is reversible so there is no need to find the right direction to attach the charger to your phone's port as you can attach it in either direction to start charging your phone or to transfer data. Moreover, it provides safe charging to your Huawei P30 Pro as it is specially designed for it so your battery and charging port are completely safe. This charger is also very handy so you can carry it anywhere with you in either your purse or bag and enjoy superfast and safe charging anywhere at any time.


  • Any device with a Type C connection can be charged by this charger.
  • Provides 5A super fast charging.
  • The cable is made up of high quality making it long-lasting and the design is also very stylish and elegant. The premium metallic housing with high-quality braided nylon gives it a durability and elegant look. 
  • It ensures safe charging of 2.4A-3.0A.
  • It is super handy and easy to carry so you don't need to worry about running out of battery while traveling as you can easily carry this charger with you.
  • Data can also be transferred by using this type C USB Cable.
  • This charger has an in-built overheating detector that prevents your device from being overheated and dissipates the heat evenly.
  • It automatically adjusts and recognizes the best output power that matches your phone perfectly.
  • The port of the cable is made up of stainless steel through the process of sandblasting nickel plating which makes it free of corrosion or compression.
  • The cable is made safer by the use of a flame retardant sheath made up of environment-friendly halogen-free TPE.

Can a Samsung charger be used to charge your Huawei phone?

Yes, any USB Type C USB Cable or non-standard charger can be used to charge your Huawei phone but you may face some issues as the charger will not be fully compatible with your device. It may damage the battery of your phone or the charging will be slow because that data cable or charger is not designed to meet the standards of Huawei phones.

What happens if you use a too-powerful charger?

Nothing will happen if you try to charge your phone with a charger that is too powerful and it will be safe for your device and will not harm either the port or battery of your phone. This is because all chargers keep a constant voltage of 5V and the only factor that changes is the resistance or load that the device places on the charger.

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