HTC 1800mAh Mobile Phone Battery

HTC 1800mAh 35HOO187-01M Battery BJ83100 For HTC One X G23 S720

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HTC 1800 mAh 35HOO187-01M Battery BJ83100 For HTC One X G23 S720
Knowing you are purchasing a battery gives you that ease of mind knowing you are getting an battery that was designed especially for that phone. 

The HTC battery provides hours of enjoyment with your phone and leaves you feeling like there was never an issue with your phone.

Please allow 16 hours for the initial charge to get full use out of the battery.

These batteries are directly from Power selling phone companies. They may have minor blemishes or connector marks, this is totally normal as we test these batteries as well for our customers. If you do happen to encounter a problem please message us and we will resolve any issues instantly.

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