White Headset Handsfree For LG G5 G4 G2
White Headset Handsfree For LG Phones
LG White Headset Handsfree For LG G5 G4 G2

LG EAB64168761 White Headset Handsfree Headphones Earphones For LG G5 G4 G2

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This headset is not only stylish but is built to high  specifications. The earpiece has a moulded shape for a perfect fit and a plated plug for a perfect audio connection. Talk on the  phone, watch video clips, play games or listen to songs with this  headset optimised especially for your handset.

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-In Ear Headset
-With textile jacket
-Stylish compact design
-Remote to control music playback and phone calls
-Lightweight and comfortable
-Connector: 3.5mm
-Cable length: 1.1m
-Colour: White

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