Official Samsung OTG Adapter / Connector USB Type C to USB White, GH98-40216A - fonehaus
Official Samsung OTG Adapter / Connector USB Type C to USB White, GH98-40216A - fonehaus

Official Samsung OTG Adapter / Connector USB Type C to USB White, GH98-40216A

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The Samsung USB-C to USB white connector GH98-40216A will help ensure that you keep your devices up to date by seamlessly allowing you to transfer your files from your old device / computer to your new Samsung Smartphone.

The original adapter will also allow you to connect your Samsung device to your mouse, printer, keyboard, or memory card reader.

    Compatible with:

    Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy A6s 2018, Galaxy A3 A320F 2017, Galaxy A5 A520F 2017, Galaxy Tab A 10.5 SMT-590 2018, Galaxy A9 A920F 2018, Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 SMT-830 2018, Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 SM-T820 2017, Galaxy A7 A720F 2017, Galaxy C9 Pro 2016, Galaxy C10,Galaxy A8 A530F 2018, Galaxy A8s 2018 , Galaxy M20 2019, Galaxy A8+ A730F 2017, Galaxy Tab Active 2 2017,Galaxy C7 Pro 2017, Galaxy C5 Pro 2017, Galaxy Note 7 N930 2016,Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, all USB-C compatible devices


    • It supports fast charging
    • Up to 5Gbps data can be transferred.
    • It has a reversible plug so you can plug it in both ways regardless of any specific side facing upward.
    • This adapter can be used for data transfer or charging if OTG is not enabled in your phone.
    • You can use it for all smart devices including Samsung devices, laptops, MacBooks, and computers that have USB ports.
    • Original Samsung Reversible USB-A female to USB-C male OTG Adapter.
    • Regardless of the place and time, you can always keep your devices connected through this USB Type-C to USB adapter.

    What's in the box?

    • 1 Samsung OTG USB Connector Adapter.

    Key Features

    • Provides 2-in-1 connection.
    • Both Micro-USB and Type-C Interface are supported.
    • 0.5m Length

    What does it do?

    You can easily connect a USB-A Cable or a flash drive to your tablet or phone through the charging port of USB-C or Micro USB by using an On The Go or OTG adapter. It usually comes with the device when you purchase it but if it is missing in the box then you can always buy it separately. You can connect to peripherals and transfer your data from one device to another by using it.

    How to use it?

    Its usage is very simple and Samsung devices have in-built OTG enabled but on some devices, it can be enabled manually by going into the settings of your device. Simply click on settings then additional settings and enable OTG. The next step is to connect it to your device which is also very simple as you can do it by connecting one end of the connector in the USB slot of your device and the other end to a flash or peripheral device.

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